03 April, 2011


  • Release Date: 1998
  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Genre: Real-Time-Strategy

StarCraft was the first western title to pin it's success on South Korea. There was something about this real-time sci-fi strategy game that touched a nerve, making StarCraft a staple of the country's multi-player PC cafes, which were emerging in the 1990s, leading to the sale of 4.5 million copies in the territory. It also helped to establish South Korea's professional gaming scene.

Of course, with more than 11 million sales worldwide, StarCraft is one of the best-selling PC games ever made. Yet while initial reviews were unanimously positive, it's fair to say that no one foresaw StarCraft as being quite the success that it has become. Despite the isometric graphics, the game isn't especially impressive, and less successful rival games have an edge in RTS innovation with unit control and resource management.

But StarCraft has a very special trick up its sleeve: three completely distinct and playable races. The Terrans (Humans), the Zerg (nasty, swarm aliens), and the Protoss (high tech, religious warriors) all have their own units that don't just look different but play diffferently too. For instance, as Zerg you can burrow underground and attempt to overwhelm your opponent with sheer numbers, while as Protoss you have fewer units, but much more powerful weapons at your disposal. Upon release, no reace was blatently over powered, and Blizzard has maintained this balance very well with occasional patches that address multiple tatics.

The combination of diversity and balance is extremely difficult to achieve, Blizzard overcame this challenge with StarCraft and followed it up with a well deserved sequel, StarCraft II.

29 memories:

I never actually played Starcraft... or Starcraft 2.

I might have to start. Following.

It's like taking a walk down memory lane. :)

Much love for starcraft. Over in korea broodwar is still very popular and is played competitively. You can check VOD's of pro games on youtube Nevake channel.

I love this game, played it so much back in the summer of 2003.

Definitely an epic, genre-changing game.

I love playing this so much! I really wish SC 1 was still on an active server!!

and to think that this was released 13 years ago...

cool, your blog seems interesting going to follow :)

This game is the queen of all games

Ah starcraft. Remember playing this all the time back in the day. +followed

Such a nice oldschool game! Love it

A real classic, way overplayed though.

starcraft, so good! love it

What a game! Starcraft really changed everything in the RTS genre.

After playing sc2 it's just so hard for me to get back into this game.

Hahaha. I STILL play this game every couple months.

That screenshot brings back so many memories. Playing SC2 so often you often forget your roots :) Thanks for the post ^_^

If I remember correctly, Starcraft also allowed people to install it multiple times temporarily.

nice. this is a classic, one that i even went out and BOUGHT a couple of years ago cause I wanted to play it so much

Definetly a classic one. I must install it again, for sure. This game never gets old, seriously...

The graphics was damn good for its time. Just compare it with red alert or dark colony.

And it wasn't really balanced until like patch 1.6 or something. There used to be a time when 6 pool was nearly ubeatable. And SCVs cold fly =/

Starcraft along with Max Payne are, to this day, still pretty much my favorite games.

love starcraft!! love number 2 as well

I only played the new ones, suppose I can give this oldie a try since I liked the series xD

I love this game :) but i must say Starcraft 2 i better :)

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