26 January, 2011


  • Release Date: 1997
  • Platform: Various
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Genre: Action/Role-Playing

If it's an online quiz you're working with, clicking on things is quite boring and monotonic. However, if it's Diablo, the simple game mechanic turns into something magical. Enemies explode in bursts of blood or collapse into piles of bone, heroes race across the screen to the indicated spot to await your command.Everything you click on in Diablo rewards you in some form or another.

The game isn't just a good looking isometric dungeon crawler, it is THE best dungeon crawler. A simple - almost brainless trek through caverns and catacombs filled with vile creatures, not to mention all the loot. Blizzard spent a lot of time working on the generation of the game's spaces, making items, enemies, and geography be different every single time you load up the game. The game that results from this is a game that keeps on giving.

By todays standard, Diablo's classes, characters, and piles of rewards are actually rather shallow and inferior, but the game still radiates a wonderful fascination each time you return to it's caverns. It's so simple anyone could  learn the basics, and so rich and vibrant that even the pros will find themselves coming back for more.

The game has spawned countless clones, and to this very day, the skeleton smashing formula has not changed.

Diablo's infamous "Butcher"

13 memories:

Ahh I remember playing this and the second game over LAN with my brother when we were kids, it was great...too bad companies don't like supporting LAN gaming these days (Activision-Blizzard)


I know right?

LAN parties were so much fun.

There is definitely nostalgia on this one. I just found your blog, but I really like it! I am going to follow, Check out my blog:


So man LAN memories. This article drove me to call up some friends for a LAN this weekend :D odds are we wont end up playing this though :(


I first played this game when I was 6, the Butcher gave me nightmares.

Some gold ole Diablo, I remember no-lifing it on this game.

Loved this game, can't wait for Diablo III :)

Oh diablo...memories man. Although I picked up the game at 10 which wasn't good for the fragile mind of a child.

I liked the plot of Diablo a lot. I played a warrior, though, so all I did was click and click and click like crazy. It didn't really have a lot of strategy, just click and click.

But, like I said, great plot.

Diablo was awesome! I played for hours like a boss! I owned everyone!

God knows I loved this game back in the days. I finished it more then 4 times. Memories:)

I still like the graphics. No need for more imo

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