22 November, 2011


  • Release Date: 1980
  • Platform(s): Unix
  • Developer: Michael Toy, Glenn Wichman, Ken Arnold
  • Genre: Strategy / Role-Playing

Rogue first appeared on college Unix systems in 1980. It contains an infinite variety via a series of randomly generated, ASCII-rendered dungeons that must be explored in a bid to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor (Rodney spelled backwards) from somewhere behold the twenty-fifth level -- an unlikely achievement given the imposing difficulty of even the earliest dungeon layers.

Practically no information is disclosed to the player, so every new game is a voyage of discovery, not just the dungeon's layout, but also of the monsters and items within. Progression to the deeper parts of the dungeon is such a rarity that there are inevitably new monsters to meet. Quaffing potions and reading scrolls along the way is always a calculated risk; you might discover that you've just gulped down a potion of strength ("You feel stronger. What bulging muscles!"), but if you've guzzled a potion of blindness ("A cloak of darkness falls") you can kiss goodbye to any chance of surviving to the later levels.

Other obstacles include simple hunger, which can wipe out even the bravest of adventurers;dead ends; and a cruel variety of traps.

One of Rogue's Many Randomly Generated Dungeons (Click to Enlarge)

8 memories:

omg i could really cry now i am getting old so soon T_T ive played this game a lot even though i born 4 years later hahaha XD

i can rememeber this game :)

A lot of people still play Nethack (inspired by Hack, inspired by Rogue) or SLASHEM (Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic). There are many GUIs for Nethack too.

seeing THIS game, and well, every other you posted made me almost cry. I found every game i used to play when i was young all at once! great blog, seriously :D


seems like an intense dungeon game.

I remember this game, it WAS A BEAST!!!!

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