06 April, 2011

Super Mario Bros.

  • Release Date: 1985
  • Platform: NES
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Genre: Platform

The problem with classics, is that they are old. They usher in great changes and they redifine the landscape, but less influential games perfect the trends they started and end up being a lot more fun to play. For example, StarFox isn't as ground breaking as Asteroids as far as space games go, but anyone stuck in an elevator would undoubtedly prefer it as a means to pass the time.

And yet, while Super Mario Bros. did so much to define the side-scrolling platformer, twenty-odd years on its still one of the best there is. It's colours may seem a little muted by today's standards, and its ironic plumber's mustache lacks definition, but this has excellent enemy design, tricky, secret-packed worlds, and an unforgettable soundtrack.

Most of all, Super Mario Bros. has a sense of believable physics - something still missing from modern day platformers. Set Mario running, and you'll need time and space to get him to slow down; attempt a big jump, and you're going to have to get a running start; bounce on an enemy, and you may still need to fine tune your landing while still in the air. All of which gives the game the precision necessary to allow for a cluster of tightly paced underground and overworld levels, with their gloriously destructable environments and famous power-ups, like the growth mushroom and the fire flower. Super Mario Bros. is venerable, then, but not remotely rickety: a simple delight that can still give far more complex games a comprehensive run-around.

22 memories:

I always just thought of Mario as a little fat man in red running along, I never actually thought about how realistic the physics actually are. I will never play that game the same again

I like mario :D but luigi is my favourite one guy :D

i always lost the game^^

omg another nostalgia blog like mine! That makes me so happy! I loved my old Nintendo, and this was my favorite game.

This must be one of the earliest memories I have, playing with a good friend and his sister. I remember calling him up and being extremely embarrassed to ask him if I could come over... Oh man.

I loved that game! Out of all my mates, I was the one who never. Never clocked it. That sucks

Great stuff, I've spent days playing this game.

It's very true. A lot of games still can't get the physics right. The only one that I've found that come close is Gran Tourismo.

Super Mario? Never heard of him. Is Nintendo one of those indie devs?

Just kidding. Super Mario Bros 1, 3 and Super Mario World are one of the best games I've played.

one of the best games ever made, cant help but to love mario

Wasted so much of my life on this game.

Best game of my life right here. No doubt about that.

Loved that game.

My second NES game and well worth the crazy price my dad had to pay for it.

I don't care what anyone says, this is hands down the greatest mario game ever made.

Lol so many hours spent playing this!

This was my first game ever :D

my favourite game when I was little :)

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