30 January, 2011

Harvest Moon

  • Release Date: 1996
  • Platform: SNES
  • Developer: Natusme
  • Genre: Role-Playing

What role would you want to play as in a video game? A spaceman? A God? A soldier? A knight on a perilous quest? Okay... How about a farmer? Tilling the land, tending the livestock, looking after crops, and basing your life around the passing seasons. Not so keen? Are you sure?

Harvest Moon is a farming simulation, but a farming simulation in which the nasty bits of farming, such as wrenching chicken's heads off and putting bolts through cow's brains, are taken back a bit to make way for a gentle anime depiction of the countryside lifestyle in all it's glory. The game will have you feeding and looking after your animals, watering your crops, milking your cows(and talking to them while you are at it) and other farming activities in the most timely manner imaginable in order to maximize your farm's potential.

As unlikely as it sounds, the game's agenda will cast a strong spell on you until you are so hooked into the game that you can't escape it. With time management mechanics at it's heart, Harvest Moon is capable of dressing it's bare clockwork up in such a way where you don't really mind being rushed around or sent on a series of what are, essentially, thankless tasks.

Fans certainly don't seem to mind, as they buy near identical sequels by the boat-load. They ensure that every season of gaming has a Harvest moon release or two. While the recent titles in the series are only for the hard-core pretend farmer, the original was a title that anyone could pick up and enjoy. The game is available on the Wii's virtual console service. So what are you waiting for? Give this unique game a try!

When Farming Didn't Involve Facebook

28 memories:

Ah! This game was sosososo much fun!

i have to agree with >trippinkets
I was too young, or not even born, when a lot of these classics you and the avgn review and i wish i could. Games nowadays are too concerned about graphics over gameplay and dumbing down great rpgs (Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls) to feed the masses.

this game is really popular, I never really thought it would be worth my time though... looks like farmville

I'm a HUGE HUGE Harvest Moon fan, I have the SNES version, Harvest Moon 64, Harvest Moon Back to Nature, Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, the GBA remake of Back to Nature too!
I would love to see a 3DS Harvest Moon game, imagine...cows in 3D!


You played this? Well if the game is good enough for the creator of the universe then I imagine it would be good enough for just about anyone. ;P

i loved this game. love the blog.

I fell in love with the PS1 version, So did my ex's entire family

There's a game called Farming simulator, crazy stuff.

Good game, the gba ones always kept me busy during road trips.

Whenever I went to the video game store, I'd always take a look at Harvest Moon, wondering what it was or what you did in it. But no that you've explained, I think I may just buy it now..

This brings back memories haha, feel like having a game too after reading that :)

there are so many good variations on this game, even the more modern rune factory wasn't terrible.

so much love for this and the N64 one though, thanks for the nostalgia

Who knew being a pretend farmer could be so easy?

Classic game! I remember this one from many years ago thanks heaps!

Never played it, how many hours can you get out of it per run?I've been looking for a solid time killer, just got done playing New Vegas and would like something new.

I play this game until my gob stoppers stop....which is never!

never played it, it is relevant to my interest where can i find it?

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Wow its been forever since ive played Harvest Moon. Even longer since I played Battletoads. Man that game brings back memories. Cant say they are all happy ones but memories none the less. :P

Surprisingly I love Harvest Moon games, especially the older ones!

harvestmoon was the best game when i was a little child

I have the SNES engine and play this game once in a while, its good to see people who also played this

My girlfriend spent hours and hours playing this game. I could never really get into it.

Because of this game I'm now addicted to farm games. I've played so many and all my friends think I'm crazy.

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