27 January, 2011

Grand Theft Auto II

  • Release Date: 1999
  • Platform: Various
  • Developer: DMA Design
  • Genre: Action
Grand Theft Auto 2 has been unfairly marginalized by the success of both its predecessor and it's successor. Keeping the top-down view of the first game in the series, it has been judged to be a minor iteration on an old formula, before the series' huge leap to 3D. But the game's innovations are far from insignificant. As with Grand Theft Auto, the game launches the player as a free agent in an open city, full of criminal potential. The sequel breathes life into the game with the addition of pedestrians. They get on buses, call on taxis, and even get in fights with the local gangs.

The gangs, too, present an important step, although not one Grand Theft Auto III would follow entirely. Multiple missions are on offer from the three competing gangs in the area, and each one, when successfully completed, will increase the favour of that gang and decrease that of it's competition. The player must continually juggle the satisfaction of each so as not to get gunned down when entering their territory.

Perhaps the game's greatest mix-up was to set the game not in contemporary America, but in the near-future dystopia, the cyberpunk feel which undoes a lot of the game's effort to build a credible living city. Nonetheless, the game still displays the developer's effort for biting humour, with it's cast of pervert scientists and vengeful Hari Krishnas. 

Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto II are available for download (completely free) directly from RockStar Games, here: http://9.bb/235785/rockstargames

27 memories:

It's fun to look back at see how far the games have come.

Wow, I can't wait to play these and relive some of the nostalgic memories.

I used to have this game, but I traded it in to get credit for my PS2 way back when I didn't know what I had.
Also got rid of my copy of Legend of Dragoon. Been kicking myself on that one.


LoD is one of the few PS1 games I still have left. Glad I've kept it all this time. Still a little pissed off I sold a lot of my other games.

Also, see the link at the bottom of the post to download the game again, legal, and free. :)

Free download? I think I'll be trying this out tonight.

NOSTALGIA Hard! Also miss my ps1 with my LoD, game was so epic.

oh man this is great. i cant wait for more

such an awesome blog, man. im jealous

Are you drunk? GTA 2 is my favorite game ever, and I've talked to a lot of people who've never even played the first one. GTA 2 is where the game really took off and how they got enough backing to make the huge 3d lead. * Hallelujah, another soul saved!*

I need to get around to playing this. I started at GTA III :(

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started playing gta 3 and up, perhaps ill try gta II thankss

Wow now that takes me back, I am now going to go play through my gta collection. ah the good old days.

Look me up.

oh god, the nostalgia! I played this for hours on end.

I remember getting this the first day it came out

O man I remember playing this game with CD's playing off my brand new cdrom drive in the backround.

Ive played this game so much! Nice and thanks for sharing

ahh good old games, there were so many classis, loved gta2 hahha , i really get nostalgic : (

San Andreas was the only GTA I really played. I remember Rockstar offered GTA 1 as a free download not too long ago and I played a bit, but I was constantly getting killed. GTA 2 looks so much better than GTA 1, though.

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