01 September, 2011

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

  • Release Date: 2002
  • Platform: PC, Xbox
  • Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
  • Genre: Action/Role-Playing

The Elder Scrolls games are best known for the fourth chapter in the series, Oblivion, released in 2006. In comparison,The Elder Scroll's Morrowind is altogether more of a curate's egg, neither as commercially successful nor critically applauded as it's successor. Perhaps because of that, however, it's also a much more interesting game. This isn't the traditional fantasy of the later version; instead it is a weird blend of traditional fantasy with people and places that are characterized by an almost eerie other-worldliness.

One thing that is true of both games is the unparalleled freedom that their creators have blessed upon the players. More than many other similar games, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind contains entire societies and cultures that are completely convincing (and, by including the Elder Scrolls construction set, even allowed players to create their own).

In one inspired piece of design, the tutorial contains the entire character creation process as part of the narrative, with attributes and skills generated by the choices the player makes while describing their character's background to a prison bureaucrat. In another, character skills advance as players use them. If you want to become good at say, sword-fighting, you simply keep sword-fighting.

For a set of rules designed to let gamers play without worrying about the numbers, the latter system is easy to exploit by anyone who wants to artificially inflate their abilities. In this, however, it is also a well-intentioned, albeit a bit flawed piece of design -- but flawed in such a way that it enriches the experience. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind grants players the freedom to play it as an experience, absorbing the story and forging their own, or as a set of rules, to be ransacked with an obsessive-compulsive eye for exploits in a bid to "beat" the game.

13 memories:

Gotta try this one, it seems really cool.

I remember this game ... friend of mine showed it to me and I instantly liked it!

Best cRPG ever made. Maybe Skyrim will change something..

One of the first games i tried on xbox, maybe i will play it again to remember good times

I had such a good time with this when I was a kid. Oblivion just couldn't compare.

Morrowind is the best game I have ever played. Mods alone, it is genius.

Loved this game, played it on the xbox like a mofo!

I've played Morrowind for over five years, on and off, and never beat it.

Got introduced to the game when I bought a new video card which came bundled with it. Baby's first open world RPG, my god it took me by surprise.

As a matter of fact it was so huge, for the first several times I never got past the first real quest, I couldn't for the life of me find the entrance to the dwemer ruins with the puzzle box. But that didn't hamper the game at all, oh no. I was more than pleased simply wandering around, accomplishing side quest after side quest, or simply stumbling upon one of many dungeons scattered about.

Then mods happened. Oh gods I had no idea what mods were until I happened upon planetelderscrolls. The rest is history.

When you got a game which was entertaining for weeks, without even touching the main quest, you got yourself a bloody damn good game.

i must try this game, really looks good

i started at skyrim, so i know like nothing about these games, but this look like its worth checking out

I started at skyrim so i know nothing about these three games. These games dont look as good as skyrim.

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